The following are resources for Sharon (SC) and Linda (LA)’s Fertility Counseling Postgraduate Course. All files are password protected. If you need assistance with the password, please contact Sharon.

Comprehensive Book List (SC)

The stress and distress of infertility: Does religion help women cope? (SC)

Infertility and Adoption MR (SC)

Infertility around the globe: new thinking on gender, reproductive technologies and global movements in the 21st century (SC)

Looking at infertility through the lens of religion and spirituality: a review of the literature (SC)

Mizuko Kuyo and Buddhism (SC)

Functional well-being is positively correlated with spiritual well-being in women who have spontaneous premature ovarian failure (SC)

Cross-border reproductive care: an Ethics Committee opinion (LA)

Racism in the Countertransference (LA)

Regulation of surrogacy in India: whenceforth now? (LA)

Chapter 13 (LA)

Religious aspects of assisted reproduction

More psychotherapists are incorporating religion into their practices