The following are resources for Sharon (SC) and Linda (LA)’s Fertility Counseling Postgraduate Course. All files are password protected. If you need assistance with the password, please contact Sharon.

Addendum 21.4: Authorization to Contact Attorney (SC)

Consideration of the gestational carrier: an Ethics Committee opinion (SC)

What to look for in a good surrogacy agency or agent (SC)

F&S this month (SC)

Interests, obligations, and rights in gamete and embryo donation: an Ethics Committee opinion (SC)

Outline for Agency GC reports (SC)

Recommendations for practices utilizing gestational carriers: a committee opinion (SC)

Shady Grove Fertility GC Psychological Evaluation Requirements (SC)

Intra-Family Gamete Donation: A Solution to Concerns Regarding Gamete Donation in China? (LA)

Sister ovum donation: Psychological outcomes (LA)

Using family members as gamete donors or gestational carriers (LA)