The following are resources for Sharon (SC) and Linda (LA)’s Fertility Counseling Postgraduate Course. All files are password protected. If you need assistance with the password, please contact Sharon.

Evolution of psychology and counseling in infertility (SC)

Slides: Coping with the Waiting Period (SC)

Cycle Chart (SC)

How to Access: Link to Addendums in Fertility Counseling (SC)

The International Glossary on Infertility and Fertility Care, 2017 (SC)

Burden of care is the primary reason why insured women terminate in vitro fertilization treatment (SC)

Primer for Coping Card (SC)

Tools to detect the needs of patients (SC)

Psychopathology of pregnancy and postpartum during the Covid-19 pandemic: a small guide (LA)

The psychological component of infertility (LA)

Guidance on qualifications for fertility counselors: a committee opinion